What is the Product Designer?

In the Design Studio Stevan is a professional who deals with the design of beautiful and functional products, taking into account both the technical needs of the company that produces them and the needs and desires of end users.

Il design arises at the meeting point between people and technology, with the aim of designing objects "human centered” che facilitano la vita quotidiana.

Our designers take advantage of their creative talents and their technical skills to make various types of products: furniture and furnishing accessories such as chairs, tables, lamps, appliances.

Regardless of the nature of the project, our designers follow a design method that aims to understand the context and needs of users, using creative thinking to solve problems and encourage innovation.

Our designers combine functionality and simplicity with a passion for the world of design and therefore aesthetics.

These skills and passions allow you to solve problems in a creative and innovative way, transforming an idea into a product that identifies and meets the needs of consumers.