LIGHT Design

What is the Lighting Designer?

A professional who deals with lighting not only for what concerns the technological part but also combines the emotional and dynamic sphere.

The Lighting Designer is responsible for lighting in the theater or in all those events where light must not only illuminate but also excite.

We call him the light conductor, in the true sense of the word.

It is a professional who speaks little but who through his skillful direction is able to get the best out of light in terms of efficiency, dynamism and above all manages to make light interact with space in order to create harmony.

Have you ever seen an orchestra conductor speaking throughout the concert? We don't but we can always be wrong.

The conductor coordinates the masters who will play for him, improves the performance of the player.

Infact, the lighting designer must coordinate the various workers who will be present on site so that his lighting project is easy to interpret and practical to implement.

The conductor adapts to the personal characteristics of each musician.

The lighting designer, working in absolute silence, does not bother to draw attention to himself but wants every element of architecture to be enhanced and enhanced.

When creating a lighting project, the designer's needs cannot override those of those who will experience the illuminated space but will make it the true protagonist of the scene.